We have teamed up with the Space Challenges to give you an experience beyond Lunar Destiny! You can contribute towards an actual mission to the Moon and get Lunar Destiny bonuses that will help you build your lunar civilization by participating in the STEM Lunar Challenge 1.

STEM Lunar Challenge 1 

Want to put your knowledge and skills to a real test? Did you know that our partner Astrobotic is planning a robotic mission to the Moon in 2017? We want you to think about what would you send up to the Moon’s surface if you had an opportunity. The STEM Lunar Challenge (SLC) 1 gives you and your teammates (if you’re between 12 and 18 years old) a chance to design a payload idea for Astrobotic’s lander or rover.

Here’s how it works. SLC 1 has two cities in direct competition: Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Each city will compete against each other to raise the most funds at The winning city will host the SLC1 Capstone Event in Spring 2016. All entrants, whether from Baltimore, Pittsburgh, or anywhere else, are eligible for cool prizes such as:

• Winning City: Your team’s payload idea is 3-D printed and sent to the Moon!
• Runner Up City: See your idea live in cyberspace as part of the new Lunar Destiny videogame
• All Others: Using Astrobotic’s MoonMail, send a small item of your choice to the lunar surface

You can enter no matter where you live. Visit the SLC site at If you happen to live near our two competing cities (Baltimore and Pittsburgh), please consider supporting them and get some cool rewards at the same time. Registration is easy on the Education page. Once you submit (there is no obligation, you don’t even need to have formed a team yet), we will work with you to help you win the Challenge! You’ll get tips on forming a team, access to lunar learning and actual NASA and industry scientists and engineers, and tips on how to come up with and develop a great idea.

Milestone dates to keep in mind:

Registration Begins October 5, 2015 (and is free!)
Registration Ends January 31, 2016
Submission Deadline March 15, 2016
Fundraising Ends March 31, 2016
Finalist teams Notified April 4, 2016
Capstone Event May 14, 2016

Once you register, you’ll receive details about the Challenge and access to educational materials. Plus, you’ll get early access opportunity to get our new Moon game of the future: Lunar Destiny, at a discount.

Go to for more information.