New Features

Coming soon: Lunar Destiny Early Access!

Before you begin your empire, you must learn to survive! What happens when you find out you are all alone with not enough food, air, water, and shelter after a horrible accident? Use your ingenuity to survive another day. The first Lunar Destiny game (v.1) will make you a hero – or a zero.

Later you’ll return to the Moon and be able to do some cool stuff including the following in v.2:

  • Compete for land to prospect via rover racing
  • Explore for lunar resources using an advanced rover
  • Build habitats, storage units, processing plants, and other structures
  • Process mined resources and send them away towards Earth to earn money so you can upgrade your equipment
  • Deal with physical and human hazards while growing your empire

Lunar Destiny will be Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard compatible for all versions! Players can free roam or start achieving basic objectives, your choice.