Coming Attractions

Once we release our initial alpha, players can expect to get enhancements on a frequent basis. We want your input!

You’re probably familiar with the Kerbal Space Program (KSP). They reinvented how games should be developed, with early and often alpha releases involving as many users as possible. This ‘Agile’ development process produces a playable, self-contained release every few weeks. Once our initial alpha (v.1) is out (targeting late July 2015), we will be producing monthly updates and regular releases. Early access players will have direct input into what gets developed all along!

Lunar Destiny v.1 starts with survival. You’re the sole survivor of a mining accident at Shackleton crater and you have a limited amount of resources to turn into drinkable water, breathable air, protective shelter, and usable power that you’ll need to last until the rescue ship arrives. Do you have the knowledge and ability to make it? If you do, you’re an instant hero and when people return to the Moon for good, you’re in high demand!

Lunar Destiny v.2 will focus on the start of the civilization building phase that takes place about 4 years after the Shackleton disaster. Here is a sample of our planned gameplay functionality for this version:

  • custom rover racing for land to mine with upgradable rovers
  • create a variety of new structures from habitats to plants to process your finds
  • many pre-built structures to choose from
  • new equipment and treasures to find
  • key moon information available via advanced HUD
  • improved first person, third person, and real-time strategy experience
  • explore and mine a variety of new resources
  • process and transport resources to up your capabilities
  • leaderboard to keep tabs on your competition
  • improved gameplay experience with Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard

Early access players will get the chance to try out each of these newer features as they enter into the game.