New Features

Coming soon: Lunar Destiny Early Access!

Before you begin your empire, you must learn to survive! What happens when you find out you are all alone with not enough food, air, water, and shelter after a horrible accident? Use your ingenuity to survive another day. The first Lunar Destiny game (v.1) will make you a hero – or a zero.

Later you’ll return to the Moon and be able to do some cool stuff including the following in v.2:

  • Compete for land to prospect via rover racing
  • Explore for lunar resources using an advanced rover
  • Build habitats, storage units, processing plants, and other structures
  • Process mined resources and send them away towards Earth to earn money so you can upgrade your equipment
  • Deal with physical and human hazards while growing your empire

Lunar Destiny will be Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard compatible for all versions! Players can free roam or start achieving basic objectives, your choice.


Coming Attractions

Once we release our initial alpha, players can expect to get enhancements on a frequent basis. We want your input!

You’re probably familiar with the Kerbal Space Program (KSP). They reinvented how games should be developed, with early and often alpha releases involving as many users as possible. This ‘Agile’ development process produces a playable, self-contained release every few weeks. Once our initial alpha (v.1) is out (targeting late July 2015), we will be producing monthly updates and regular releases. Early access players will have direct input into what gets developed all along!

Lunar Destiny v.1 starts with survival. You’re the sole survivor of a mining accident at Shackleton crater and you have a limited amount of resources to turn into drinkable water, breathable air, protective shelter, and usable power that you’ll need to last until the rescue ship arrives. Do you have the knowledge and ability to make it? If you do, you’re an instant hero and when people return to the Moon for good, you’re in high demand!

Lunar Destiny v.2 will focus on the start of the civilization building phase that takes place about 4 years after the Shackleton disaster. Here is a sample of our planned gameplay functionality for this version:

  • custom rover racing for land to mine with upgradable rovers
  • create a variety of new structures from habitats to plants to process your finds
  • many pre-built structures to choose from
  • new equipment and treasures to find
  • key moon information available via advanced HUD
  • improved first person, third person, and real-time strategy experience
  • explore and mine a variety of new resources
  • process and transport resources to up your capabilities
  • leaderboard to keep tabs on your competition
  • improved gameplay experience with Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard

Early access players will get the chance to try out each of these newer features as they enter into the game.


240 To The Moon

A select group of 240 Lunar Destiny supporters can get an early access copy of the game and send an item directly to the Moon! Why 240? That’s how many dime-sized, paper pieces fit into an 1-inch Astrobotic MoonMail, which will ride to the Moon on the Astrobotic Griffin lander. 240 is meaningful in another way. The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is about 240,000 miles! Be a part of this select 240 To The Moon group.

Ordering is easy! We use Paypal to make it easy for you to pay by check, credit, or any means. We will acknowledge your order to your email within 2 business days. The donation you make today may be tax deductible too!

240 TO THE MOON:  For $80, you can send a dime-sized printed copies of anything you want in 2017 onboard Astrobotic’s mission to the Moon’s surface +  you can get an early copy of Lunar Destiny (Late 2015) and all updates through our initial full release (2016)! Think about what you want to send; some ideas include:

  • photo of a loved one
  • signature
  • favorite tweet
  • small note
  • family crest
  • future prediction
  • company logo
  • fingerprint
  • artwork, and more!

It’s up to you, anything that can be scanned and printed on a dime-sized piece of paper can be sent. And you get two sides so you can do two different things that will go to the Moon. Here’s how it works:

  • After reserving your space, you will be given specifications for your item and a unique customer number
  • You send the two hi-res scans to us; we print them out and check for quality
  • You get photos of your item (both sides) sent to you to make sure you’re satisfied. Then we will load it into the Astrobotic MoonMail container and send you a photo
  • You will receive mission updates as launch draws closer in 2017
  • Once the mission lands, you will receive a photo of the Astrobotic lander on the Moon with your item in it, adorned with front and back pictures of your item, and signed by members of the Astrobotic team.