Welcome to The 8th Continent Experience: Lunar Destiny Game

Racing rovers for millions, exploring for buried riches, employing robots and 3-D printing to build a futuristic city – this isn’t happening in the far flung reaches of Earth, this is happening on the Moon! You get to be among the first explorers to search for valuable materials and create your own empire. But it isn’t easy, with the challenges getting to the Moon, physical hazards of working on the Moon’s surface, getting funding for your operation, competing against other companies and governments, and cyberespionage, can you be the one to make it big?

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Not terribly long after the first private teams landed on the Moon to compete for the Google Lunar X Prize and just a few years after the Shackleton Disaster, governments and industry on Earth decided to form a new public-private company called Luna and Asteroid Resource Management (LARM). LARM maps the Moon for possible resource deposits, conducts competitive races for those willing to work land on the Moon, and enforces agreements both on the Moon and on Earth. Using advanced rovers, company teams compete for the best lunar lots so they can extract, transport, and sell their resources to companies and governments back on Earth. But it takes more than just the best rovers, companies can provide only a handful of structures to start with. With 3-D printing robots, smarts, and skill, these outfits intend to be the dominant players in the new Moon-Earth economy, building literally from the ground up.

You are one of those brave pioneers who wants to make their fortune like the prospectors of the old American west. You’re no stranger to success, having done well in various Earth-bound industries. But you have always had the need to leave Earth and do something different. Maybe it goes back to your great grandparents who regaled you as a kid with stories about the first humans on the Moon and how they thought they themselves would make it there. Your great-grandpa even signed up in 1969 with Pan-Am airlines to take him to the Moon. That didn’t happen. At least your grandpa got to ride on a suborbital spaceplane. You have the bug and are now finally in a position to do something special.

Over time, you prepared for this moment. You built your skills and connections. Your investors are behind you, at least until they determine if you’re the person who can come out ahead of the competition. By virtue of the LARM pact, you and your chosen company have an initial plot of land to start your adventure. Good luck with natural hazards, equipment breakdowns, transport issues, and, most of all, your competitors, who are supposed to play by the LARM rules. You think you have the smarts, skills, and tenacity to build your destiny. They may even name parts of the Moon after you. But before you start celebrating, let’s find out how well you do, shall we?